Logo design, color scheme, signage, and control system for the WIGEWE medical center at the Church of Christ in Wittenberg.

Medical center at the Church of Christ

Spanning four floors and an area of 1,700 square meters, the people of Wittenberg found themselves, after a short construction time, with a respectable range of products for health care including  general practitioners, specialists, physical therapy, nursing, and a pharmacy. A hair salon, which we oversee and  were able to help with the glass foiling and art design, completes the offering at the site near the Church of Christ.

The new building, which replaced the former Piesteritzer medical center, became officially operational in July 2014. All medical practices were provided by the brand creators with fine glass plates with stainless steel spacers and polished screw heads. Each practice can have a seperate opening hours sign individually inscribed. The entire building was fitted with a floor by floor control system so that all patients and interested parties may have access to all facilities. Also implemented in tempered safety glass projections - all CI/CD-compliant according to the model developed by the Cicero Design Ltd. Design Manual, always in cooperation with the owner and the architect in charge. All fire doors of the staircase were also foiled with a large floor number.

In addition to the large double-sided panels directly off of Dessauer street towards the Church of Christ, printed aluminum control systems were also installed at both entrances. In September 2014, in cooperation with all tenants of the property, we created complete signage for the parking lot and all assigned parking spaces, and in October 2014 the final internal inscriptions and sign labelling was completed.

It is the first new building which was built under the direction of WIGEWE- and it is also a first that a housing association operates a medical center. Managing director Gießmann views this commitment, however, as "an important building block for neighborhood development" in the city. Such infrastructural measures will become increasingly important in the future, agrees Lord Mayor Eckhard Naumann (SPD) who interprets the new building as an "expression of active urban development" and is pleased that not only in the inner city of Wittenberg are construction projects realized. Urban development is finally over, as the church towers to cover the center. Together with the (Christ) Church and the kindergarten, shops, and neighborhood meeting place in the immediate vicinity, it offers the district good prospects. In addition, the medical center could foster stronger links over the stream at Poplar Bridge with the quarters of West Wittenberg and Piesteritz. The assumption for this collaboration was "good cooperation bears good fruit", said the mayor.