Car Wrapping | Fully wrapping a Trabant 601 for Stage Entertainment for the Udo Lindenberg Musical HINTERM HORIZONT

The musical about the young girl from East Berlin with hits from Udo Lindenberg, or as the 18/1 posters all around Germany promised: Wicked story. Wicked music. Wicked thing.

In cooperation with the Hamburg agency New Monarchy, which is also responsible for the conceptual design of the entire brand appearance, the company Stage Entertainment wanted a fully wrapped car - an original Trabant 601. The Trabant was supposed to be for the Event & Touring AG for promotional purposes only and was rented for a short time. Due to the great success of the car - within a few days hundreds of selfies and memorial pictures for the musical could be found online - another Trabant 601 was purchased by the organizer at Event & Touring and a wrapping of the same kind was ordered for the new car.

Printed in-house, we used an eco solvent printing process on a roll width of 135 cm using a cast film with Rapid Air technology air channels and reduced tack. Since there are no matching templates, detailed architectural plans or ordinary blueprints for the Trabant, we measured seperately and adapted extensively in all areas before printing. We assembled the entire carwrap within two days, and in difficult conditions with rust, paint damage, and scratches, the preliminary work, such as stripping and cleaning took several hours to complete. The result can be seen.

The completely wrapped car is permanently in the entrance area of the Theater at Potsdamer Platz and for every performance of the musical HINTERM HORIZONT it has been admired and photographed hundreds of times.