Contruction sign, brochures, and tenant information displays for the West Residential Park of Wiwog in Lutherstadt Wittenberg across from the Obi/Elbepark.

Punctually at 3 PM an June 4, 2014, the construction sign of Wiwog residential homes west, printed and realized by the brand makers of Cicero Design Ltd. was unveiled. The display was realized in cooperation with construction equipment from Endea Ltd. ( The unveiling was the starting point for the largest construction project in the history of WIWOG mbH.

In late 2015/early 2016, the low-barrier project, as a whole an ensemble of three almost identical buildings in the Carré, from the winning submission of an architectural competition "Mind the gap!", will be finished.

Overall the site, near the corner of Dessauer and Holbein streets and opposite the Elbepark/Obi Wittenberg, will have a total of 39 apartments, which will be between 50 and 100 square meters and will be available for rent.

A sign with a total area of 13 square meters was printed on a white surface with Orajet high-performance film, laminated to an undivided PVC base plate on each side to make the overall view as optimal as possible. The top of the sign carrier is more than five meters tall, which placed a high demand on safetly during construction and assembly.

At the opening ceremony, we were also able to use the information pavillion to illustrate the construction project to each visitor - including politically prominent area residents - to provide an excellent insight into the designs of the architect. Three different aluminum L-displays were used, and they were filled with PET rollup banners measuring 200 x 80 cm. Each was conceived, designed and four-colored, and fully printed by Cicero Design Ltd.

We wish all the companies a smooth construction process, and look forward to the extraordinary project of the "gap" at Dessauer street with the Wiwog Residential Park West.